Shelley Fisher


“From the moment Shelley Fisher enters the stage, the room becomes electric. The music and lyrics are reminiscent of the classics -- Memorable and mesmerizing.”

Shelly Fisher

Born and raised in the heart of the Mississippi Delta in Memphis, Tennessee, home of rock ‘n roll and the blues, Shelley comes by her love of music and entertainment naturally. After completing her graduate work in fine arts and drama at UCLA, she recorded a solo album on Fantasy Records, rocked the disco charts with her hit rendition of ‘Wonder Woman’ on Roadshow Records, and wrote ‘Disgorilla’, the sequel to Rick Dees ‘Disco Duck’. Her dynamic and diversified repertoire features blues, R&B, pop, Rock ‘N’ Roll, and country.  Her unique blend of soulful music, earthy vocals and comedy has captivated audiences worldwide. As creator and star of the romantic comedy cooking show, ForkPlay®, Shelley has appeared on many national TV shows including ‘Style Court’ on the Style Network, ‘The Dream Team’, ‘Breakfast TV’ in Vancouver Canada, and with Dick Clark and Danny Bonaduce on NBC’s ‘The Other Half.’ She is currently touring the U.S. performing her solo musical play ‘THE HEBREW HILLBILLY.'

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